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Internet Technologies

CyberSoft Solutions has  developed  several web applications  for a number of major clients. We have also helped  our clients in  integrating enterprise software using our web tools.

Our finest product is a web access tool called
WAA©- Web Access Assistant. 
WAA© is an Intranet / Internet web access tool which can build custom web applications without programming. It can be installed to create the following in the matter of hours instead of weeks.
WAA© allows:

  • Intranet / Internet web reports from any existing database.
  • Customized Web menus based on user logins.
  • Customized screens for sorting & screening criteria
  • Drill down reports
  • Easy Web interfaces for executing stored procedures.
  • Create add/update/delete web screens with validations without any coding.

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About WAA©

 SupplyChain ImplementationDemo

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About WAA©    SupplyChainDemo

WAA©, was developed entirely by our team led by Dr. Bhagya Chari. The tool has been successfully deployed by several well-known companies.
CyberSoft Solutions

Web Site Development

CyberSoft Solutions has a team of professionals that can develop web sites that are visually stimulating yet content rich. From initial consultation to layout and design you can be sure that CyberSoft Solutions will extend your company's look and feel to this environment.

Building a business whether in the physical sense or on the Internet share certain common practices. Careful planning, design, layout, navigation, marketing are areas that require special attention.

Below are the professional development steps we use to design and produce your Web site.

  • Project Analysis
  • Information Design
  • Visual and Interactivity Design
  • Web Site Production
  • Site Uploading and Testing
    CyberSoft Solutions


One of the most popular Internet myths claims that building an online store is easy- all the customer has to do is point, click, and buy! But in reality, successful E-Commerce is far more complex and unlike any other Web site project you may have tackled in the past. Before that first cyberbuck finds its way into your bank account, you need to do considerable research and planning.

That's where CyberSoft Solutions comes in. We'll help you jump-start your brain and get you thinking about all the issues that need addressing before you can put together a successful online business plan.


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